The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation

The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation
Chapel Line Drawing
Line Drawing by Duane Gordon

The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation, founded in 1985, is a non profit organization dedicated to the continued care and maintenance of the chapel, surrounding grounds, and gardens.

All work is done by volunteers and supported by the The Sea Ranch Association. There are no paid staff members associated in any way with The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation.

The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation welcomes volunteers who wish to help maintain and care for the Chapel grounds. Chapel volunteers meet on a flexible schedule to assess work projects and care for the landscape and chapel structure.

The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation welcomes financial donations. All such funds are used solely for the maintenance and improvement of this unique place. There are no administrative charges of any sort.

Chapel at Night
Photograph by Peter Sidell
The Sea Ranch Chapel Foundation

President – Jim Nybakken

Vice-President – Bruce Leibrock

Secretary – Marcia Nybakken

Chief Financial Officer – Richard Pfeifer

Trudy Armer – Board Member

Judy Pfeifer – Board Member

Michael Tilles – Board Member

Amy Van Syoc – Board Member

Linda Weinstein – Board Member