The Sea Ranch Chapel

The Sea Ranch Chapel

The Ongoing Maintenance Program

In 2001, a landscape fund was started from the estate gift of John Stewart King. He was a landscape planner and longtime admirer of the chapel. Mr. King was a fish and game warden in the 1960s along these coasts and watched the development of the Sea Ranch and the chapel. These funds have helped establish the watering systems that support the grounds plantings. Donations to the King Memorial Landscaping fund are most welcome.

The Chapel foundation funded significant renovations and improvements to the chapel in 2003. The stained glass was restored by Jeff Dalrymple of Antofte Studio, San Diego, Ca. The work was done in the local studio of stained glass artist, Star DeHaven. Materials were donated by Pierre Miremont of Architectural Plastics. These renovations were made possible by gifts from the public and honored board members.

Volunteers from the local Rotary and Lions Clubs have helped immeasurably with the on-going landscape plan.

Some of the current projects being funded by donations and implemented by volunteers include;

  • The landscape plan: Phase 3 of the landscape plan will begin this fall. This phase will seek to re-establish the parking burm trees, shrubs and ground covers that have deteriorated in the last twenty years.
  • A lighting system overhaul, updating of exterior and interior lighting
  • A fire suppression system to safe guard the chapel in the event of a coastal fire.
  • Meadow restoration of wetlands, natural grasses, plants, and wildflowers
  • Quarterly plantings of the flower beds with annual and perennial flowers
  • Pathway grounds restoration
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