The Sea Ranch Chapel

The Sea Ranch Chapel at Night

Photograph of the Chapel at night by Peter Sidell

Chapel Voices

"The Sea Ranch was a source of refreshment ... the beauty of the natural setting, the trees, meadows, and wildlife, were almost all we needed ... but we felt that a spiritual focal point was missing. We wanted to give that to the community. We knew of James Hubbell's work, and believed that he would design a chapel that would be compatible with the natural surroundings. The beauty of the Chapel exceeded our dreams! It is a place that seems to stimulate the imagination ... one sees with 'new eyes' natural materials used in dramatic combinations to create a work of art."
Robert and Betty Buffum (Donor)

"The shape of the Chapel's sweeping shingle roof relates to the surrounding pines ... the stone base ties it to the earth ... the turquoise blue patina of the spire brings a small touch of the sky to the building."
James Hubbell (Architect)

"What a precious gift! A gift whose influence will be felt in quiet unseen ways far beyond Sea Ranch."
Thamby Kumaran (Coordinating Contractor)

"This building is not intended for one community, but for whoever should find their way to the Chapel."
Bruce Johnson (Sculptor/Contractor)

"The Chapel rises and falls, swells and contorts, pushes up to the wind above the trees and gently falls away. It is impending motion, a place between action and rest, a place of meditation."
Tim Carpenter (Carpenter)

“A delightful and serene place to stop and reflect on ones’ blessings. Such beautiful workmanship though out."

“What a special place. It ranks with any cathedral in the world for its beauty and extraordinary natural setting.”

“I was amazed at my overwhelming and emotional response the moment I stepped onto the chapel grounds. I accept the mystery and the ineffableness of this special place."

“You have provided a memorial of rare beauty and tranquility. I always get a lift visiting the chapel. Part of my fulfillment comes from appreciating the art and craftsmanship in the chapel, especially the exquisite stained glass windows.”

“The chapel has played a part in my life that is deeply cherished. My sincere thanks.”

“ The image and energy I experience in your Sea Ranch Chapel is a statement and a witness which celebrates the God-given sacredness of the human soul. What you have done has transcended so much that happens in the name of religion. Your vision and energy have made this sacred place a reality.”

“While visiting in California recently, we came upon your beautiful little chapel. Never have I been transported so completely and immediately into the “spiritual” as when I entered your chapel. Thank you so much. It was truly one of my life’s most memorable experiences.”

“Your chapel was a wonderful and unexpected surprise on our trip up the coast. It was the highlight of our trip. The design and craftsmanship were fabulous. He must have been an extraordinary young man to have inspired such an incredible memorial. Thank you for allowing us to share it.”
Robert & Susann

“Recently we celebrated our 50th anniversary with our children and grandchildren by gathering at the Sea Ranch Chapel. It was a special time for all of us, full of warm memories. “

“ You should know the chapel at the Sea Ranch adds a meaningful dimension to this community. Recently, we had a family gathering to remember the passing of a beloved family member. The setting and sharing was beautiful. The baby slept in the soft light. The grandchildren toddlers wandered amongst knees and laps. As we were leaving, a man arrived with flowers for a wedding, the next event in that precious place. We don’t often think to tell you how often or how special these events are to all those blessed to attend.“

“We were married in the Chapel several years ago and have visited regularly whenever we get up the north coast. It’s such a beautiful structure."
Marilyn & Bill

“Over 20 years ago we were married in this little chapel, surrounded by family and dear friends. It was a magical time, filled with joy and wonder. Such a beautiful, artful and comforting place to start out our lives together. We are still lucky enough to get to visit it now and then. Stepping into that warm glow inside the chapel now, never ceases to fill me with joy and wonder still.”

The Sea Ranch Chapel

Painting by Duane Gordon

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