The Sea Ranch Chapel

The Sea Ranch Chapel

Creating the Interior

Truly a gift to the visual and tactile senses, the chapel interior reflects the natural world as it integrates art, craft and architecture. Bruce Johnson, sculptor/carpenter, was the artist who created the chapel’s redwood seats, carved post and surrounding wall shelves that seem almost to grow from the floors and walls. The sensuous shelves reveal his talent for matching artful form to function. The chapel’s interior plaster ceiling is lined with a gently sculpted flower form which hovers over the inner space. Drifting amongst the petals of the carved ceiling are embedded sea shells and sea urchins from our local sea shore.

Jewel-toned light from the three stained glass windows dapples the natural stone floor. Inlaid in the floor’s center, an Italian inspired floral mosaic echoes the curvilinear lines of the flower form from the ceiling above. The wrought iron prayer screen and metal chandelier are the design and products of the Hubbell Studio in Santa Inez, Ca. The interior lighting creates a sense of intimacy and tranquility. The stone used in the walls of the chapel interior are from surrounding hillside and meadow area. These stones appear on the external walls as well and create small intimate flower beds linked to the structure.

The rough, natural boulders form the foundation for the shell like form of the chapel anchoring it to earth. The stained glass windows, a gift from the Ditzler family, are a dazzling wash of color and swirling form. From dawn to sunset, these jewel toned windows capture the golden light surrounding the chapel. Frank Hagist, a blacksmith from Timber Cove, crafted the special metal fittings of stainless steel to house the stained glass window’s undulating form.

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